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Bed linen from the manufacturer

OHRA Foundation

Initially, Julia wanted to sew everything necessary for the church in which her husband serves. Over time, she came up with the idea to make bed linen for sale, and to give the received money to help children. Her husband supported the idea.

Since disalbed children’s mothers for the most part cannot work in the usual modes and schedules, the idea has appeared to create comfortable workplaces where women can independently choose their working hours and at the same time receive a decent salary.

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OHRA Foundation
100% cotton100% cotton We use only certified 100% cotton for sewing bed linen
Individual tailoringIndividual tailoring Didn't find the right size? Use the application "Individual size" in the product card
Social brandSocial brand Sale profit of bed linen goes to the salary of mothers who have children with disabilities

OHRA Family

Over the years of helping the center and families with children with disabilities, we have learned more and more about the problems faced by mothers and children. One of the main problems was the employment of special children’s mothers.

Moms could try their hand at sewing! The idea needed implementation. Not all mothers knew how to sew, they needed to be taught. We organized professional sewing courses, hired technologists, rented premises for the workshop. Therefore, all our sets are made by hand, with effort and love for their work.

Now we can already be proud that our craftswomen-moms sew better, more evenly and with greater responsibility than seamstresses with 20 years of experience.

Of course, we invited professional seamstresses to our team, but our opinions on the quality and level of the final product did not coincide.

Now the project employs 6 seamstresses, 2 professional seamstresses and 4 mothers of special children. Another 5 mothers of children with disabilities are taking our improved sewing courses.

Women work each on an individual schedule, but with clear deadlines. They work in the workshop and take work home if they wish. We purchased a sewing machine for each of them.