How to choose the size of bed linen?

Duvet size

The size of the duvet cover should be 3-5 cm larger than the width and length of the duvet. With such extent, the duvet will be evenly placed in the duvet cover. It’s nothing to worry about if the measurement result differs from the data on the label of the bed set.

Choose a duvet cover as close as possible in parameters to the measurement results, but not smaller!

Pillow size

Everything is simple here. There are two main types of pillowcases: rectangular and square. If the pillows are square, then pillowcases with the same length and width are suitable, for example, 50×50, 60×60, 70×70 cm. For rectangular pillows, pillowcases measure 50x70cm, 52×72 cm, etc.

Sheet size

The sheet should exceed the size of the mattress by about 50 cm in breadth and 50 cm in length. This is necessary so that the sheet can be firmly filled.

If you have a high mattress – measure its height and add to the width and length. You will get the minimum size you need.

Do not forget to add at least 10 cm on each side to the result so that you can fill the sheet.

Please note – the size of the sheet with elastic band and without it is often indicated differently!

Without an elastic band, the size of the sheet is indicated from the edge to the edge of the canvas. The size of the fitted sheet indicates the width, length and separately the height of the mattress, suitable for this size of sheet.

For example: 160 * 200 * 30 cm, where 160 cm – the width of the mattress, 200 cm – the length, 30 cm – the height of the mattress.

What size for a bed?

Single set (standart).

Bed size: bed width 90-140 cm, duvet width 140-150 cm.

Ideal for a bed for one person and teenagers.

Baby bedding is often the size of a twin-sized bed.

King set

Bed size: bed width 160-180 cm, duvet width 160-180 cm.

Bed linen for a family bed for two people. For that, you need additional pillowcases + 2-4 pcs. Important! If your bed is 180 * 200 cm wide and at the same time you have a high mattress (more than 15 cm tall) – we recommend that you consider EURO bed linen. It provides a larger sheet, which you can reliably tuck under a high mattress.

Euro set

Bed size: bed width 180-200 cm, duvet width 190-220 cm.

Euro size differs from a double in the larger size of sheets and duvet covers. Bed linen 200*220 is a popular size for a euro bed!

Double set (duet)

Bed size: bed width 160-200 cm, duvet width 140-160 cm.

Double bedding or duet is the perfect solution for couples who prefer to sleep under separate duvets. At the same time, the size of the duvet in the double set often coincides with the Single set, and the overall sheet is large, close to the Euro.

Most problems with the size can be solved by bed linen from the manufacturer!

In OHRA HOME, all sets are made by hand, from environmentally friendly, proven and certified materials ❤️

For your convenience, you can add pillowcases, an elastic band on a sheet to the selected set of bedding, change the size and sew a set according to an individual size.

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