We have high quality standards, our bed linen is made only from 100% cotton. In our article “Materials” we talked about our sets in detail.

We use only dense natural fabrics made in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Poland and Moldova.

In our assortment you will find bed linen from Satin, Biazi and Creton. There are bed linens in white color and other warm and cold shades for interior and mood. All our products are certified and tested for harmful substances. It is completely safe for your health!

We sew children’s bedding with special attention to each stitch, because children and their well-being are the main goal and driving force of the OHRA HOME project! ❤️

The OHRA HOME team has already become a public brand, our activities were filmed as stories on TV, and more than a thousand customers around the world managed to appreciate the quality.

You can get to know about the project and its participants on our official Instagram page ohra_home.

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