How to wash children’s bedding?

Children’s bedding requires special attention and care!

Kids spend at least 9 hours a day in bed, so the quality of bedding and its cleanliness really matter!

It is believed that the cot should be regularly boiled or washed at high temperatures. In fact, such cardinal measures should be carried out only in extreme cases. Rough washing quickly destroys the material, makes it rough to the touch, deforms and removes color. This quality can only harm your baby.

Therefore, if you are planning a regular weekly wash, just to refresh the bed – it is better to use a quick wash cycle (30-40 ° C) with a minimum of powder or wash textiles manually.

It is better to wash children’s clothing separately from “adult’s”, with hypoallergenic baby powder or gel.

Two different laundry baskets will make it easier to sort clothing.


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