There are a lot of beddings made of charming, pleasant materials, sometimes you just can’t choose, and the hands reach for everything at once.

The team of our mothers from OHRA FAMILY will be happy to introduce you to each material in the OHRA HOME range closer.

You have the opportunity to choose not just a beautiful bedding, but exactly the one that will suit you and bring you peace!

The main thing you need to know about fabric for bed linen is its density!

An important indicator of the fabric quality is the number of intertwined threads per 1cm2 of fabric area. The number of threads in good material is from 85 to 170 by 1cm2.

The density of the threads determines how strong the bed linen will be, how durable the print and color will be, and how many washes it will last.

The OHRA HOME team faced a difficult task – to find on the fabric market not only high-quality materials, but dense ones that will keep the color and which are produced according to all environmental standards.

We “hunted” for fabrics all over the world, and we can confidently say that we have collected the best!


Satin is a dense, durable, beautiful fabric that does not lose its properties after repeated washing, pleasant to use, strong.

Satin is made on a loom. The name of the fabric directly denotes the process of making the canvas.

The material absorbs moisture well. Low thermal conductivity allows not to overheat under a satin duvet in the summer, and in winter the canvas retains a pleasant physiological temperature of the body.

The satin thread itself shines slightly, it gives the canvas nobility. The color is deep with overflow.

In OHRA HOME, satin bed linen is with a density of 140 g/m.

Fabric manufacturer – Turkey.

Sets: Sea Breeze, Vanilla, White bed linen.


Creton is a dense, durable, natural cotton fabric that is breathable. It keeps its shape and tolerates many washing cycles. Unlike other cotton materials, it is matte, smooth to the touch, as well it looks light and airy.

It is an ideal fabric option if you plan the design of the bedroom carefully.

OHRA HOME craftswomen make Creton bed linen sets with a density of 138 g / m.

Fabric manufacturer – Azerbaijan.

Sets: British Mist, Vanilla, Summer Sky, Olive, OHRA, White Sun, Silver.


Coarse calico is a cotton fabric, the most common weave of which is linen. .

The surface of the material is the same on both sides, smooth and matte.

Ecological, hypoallergenic, wear-resistant fabric.

Baby bedding is made exactly from coarse calico!

The material can withstand hundreds of washes. It preserves the size, color and pattern.

Coarse calico is already quite familiar to everyone, it appeared a long time ago. The material gained great popularity, even then children’s clothes and diapers were made of it.

In our assortment you will find several sets with a Coarse calico density of 125 g / m.

Fabric manufacturer – Moldova.

Sets: Yellow Boom, Tropic Home, Zigzag.


Poplin is a very popular fabric for bedding sets.

The production method is that thinner threads seem to envelop dense fibers.

As a result, the bed linen remains strong inside, but soft and pleasant to the body outside.

Initially, in the 14th century, clothes were made of poplin. The Pope himself preferred to wear clothes made of this material, and put his inner circle in it.

Actually, the name “poplin” comes from the Italian “papalino”, that is, “Papal”.

It is not enough just to buy bed linen!

A bed is a recreation area where brilliant ideas come to us, where we plan our lives, dream and build paths to success.

Take care of yourself, your health and comfort by choosing the best for yourself and your family.

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